From the latest BSA training updates:

Training Codes

We have been working for the past year on updating the training codes in the ScoutNET system.  When we started there were 342 codes for BSA courses, and there were many more courses that did not even have codes.

As part of the review we worked with the other national committees that offer volunteer training courses. We moved codes for courses that are no longer offered to the “past training” list, eliminated codes for courses that were “one-time-only” and did not impact a Scouter’s “trained” status, and requested codes for missing courses.   We established “expired” dates for courses that are no longer offered by the BSA, but remain valid if taken prior to that date.

Some codes, for example those that are for portions of a past basic training set and not the entire necessary course, were retained for reference.

Another example of a change is that many, but far from all, conferences offered at the Philmont Training Center over the years had codes.  Since nearly all of these were conferences that varied in content from year to year, and week to week even, and not courses with a set syllabus, we eliminated the codes and created one “Philmont Training Center Conference” code.

Keep in mind, we only provide codes for nationally approved, developed, and delivered courses.  We can not give codes to locally created courses that are not reviewed by the BSA and/or available to every council.

You can find a new list of current and relevant past course codes in the “quicklinks” section of  You can also find a document there called “Top Leader Trained and Course Criteria” that shows the dates and codes of current and past top leader training courses necessary to be marked a s ‘trained” in ScoutNET.

This is a work in progress.  As new courses are created, and as other are “expired,” the list will be updated.

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